1. RJD2-Since We Last Spoke

    Since We Last Spoke

  2. RJD2-Chicken-Bone Circuit

    Chicken-Bone Circuit

  3. RJD2-Someone's Second Kiss

    Someone’s Second Kiss

  4. RJD2-Smoke & Mirrors

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But, as for me, I’ll wait and see. Maybe it’ll bring my love to me.

  5. RJD2-The Bad Penny

    The Bad Penny

  6. RJD2-You Never Had It So Good

    We grew up quick, we get drunk quick, we got smart shoes quick, so let’s slow down.

  7. RJD2-Exotic Talk

    Is it ironic for a song called “Exotic Talk” to have no words, or can I just not understand them?