1. But we never look back. No, we only look forward.

  2. So, you can’t delete your ‘primary blog’ without deleting your account, and you can’t change which one is primary.

    I went ahead and deleted anything that was not an embed. Roughly 920 posts later, I think I’m clear.

    If you enjoyed the archive, I’m sorry.

  3. Due to Tumblr copyright notices, this blog will be shut down at some point, probably soon. Rather than waiting for that to come along, I will be deleting it tomorrow.

    Thank you all for following; I hope you heard something you liked.

  4. All of your words, they’ve been cursed with dishonesty.

  5. I stayed drunk and fell awake, and I was cycling on a plane and far away I heard you say you like me.

  6. You won’t give it a thought, and that’s neither wrong nor right, but I’m the deer that’s caught in your headlights.

  7. Auckland City, you’re a pretty cool town.